Top freelancing websites in pakistan

There are a lot of top freelancing website in pakistan but peopleperorder is new website same like peopleperhour if you wish you can try it.
  • Beginners freelancer can get work very easily
  • Student freelancer have no skill must try our website
  • You can share your social media
  • You can deal with client without any restrictions
  • WorkChest is the best freelancing Website with low competition.

    WorkChest is the one of the top freelancing website working in pakistan.The main fact about workchest is that it is owner is also pakistani who is the top Freelancer of Pakistan.Guru hisham sarwar is the owner of Workchest who is working as freelancer from last two decades.It is the marketplace where employers can hire pakistani freelancers.Here workchest is easy for you to find job, you just have to go to the option of find service as freelancer and match the category according to your skills.

    Steps to make account on Workchest

  • Open the workchest website.
  • Click on join now button then click on become freelancer.
  • Complete the details.
  • Verify your mobile number and gmail provided.
  • Now you can edit your profile and make it professional
  • Hire best freelancer in savvy.

    Savvy is the one of the top freelancing website in pakistan.It is similar to fiverr here you have to make gigs with the similar process according to fiverr.One of the best additional option in savvy is that here you can see the blogs option from where you can learn some more about your skill.

    Why freelancers are not getting orders.

    You are applying most of the jobs on the freelancing plaforms but not getting 1% orders.If you are going through this phase donot feel bad.Every freelancers goes throught it.Some leave the work on that point and some remain consistent because they know consistency and hardwork is the key to success.There are some more reasons that are mentioned below.
  • Not improving your skills
  • Your pricing is not right
  • Too much competition on that skill
  • Incomplete profile
  • Bad profile description
  • Bad communication skills
  • Scared to step out of your comfort zone
  • Lack of confidence
  • Biggest challenges that most of the freelancers face

    When we listen word freelancing we think its easy way to get lots of money but it is not like that.

    Finding Clients

    Finding clients and holding onto them is the first big challenge freelancers faces.but it is also one that is ongoing.Word of mouth referrals are hugely important so the more jobs you take the easier it becomes to find new clients. But this takes time so you need to be patient and positive.

    Develop your online presence

  • As a freelancer you are your brand. Every brand needs marketing so develop your online presence so clients can actually find you.Set up your own website and update your LinkedIn Google+ and Twitter profiles with relevant details.
  • Establish yourself as an expert

  • Consider speaking at an upcoming industry event to establish yourself as an expert in your field. go to local networking events talks and launches whether you speak or not and hand out business cards.
  • Be proactive

  • Email everyone you know who might need your services and say you are looking for work.Get in touch with old clients see if they have new jobs and ask for testimonials to put on your website.Join relevant professional associations and link up with other freelancers.
  • Time managementy

    As a freelancer you should have to manage time effectively. You are the only master of your time you have to manage your time to firstly polish your skill and then manage your time if you have got your order, then meet the deadline. Meeting deadlines is essential for retaining clients so do not put off work unnecessarily or leave jobs to the last minute. Also be careful not to take on too much work this is something most freelancers have done at some point.

    Not having practical experience

    When a freelancer bid on any project the first thing that client want to see is the expericence on freelancers and most of the projects were rejected because they do not have past experience to show to the client.

    Setting boundries between work and personal life

    Freelancers often enjoy more time flexibility than full time employees but they may struggle to set proper boundaries between work and personal life.When you work eat sleep and relax in the same space it can be difficult to maintain a clear division between your professional and personal priorities

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